A Better Story: Good News

IVP is celebrating with author Glynn Harrison, as his book A Better Story: God, Sex and Human Flourishing recieves some great reviews and increased recognition. Most excitingly, A Better Story has appeared in the Nielsen Top 50 Religion Chart. Nielsen tracks the best selling books in different niches, across the general trade. Whilst IVP is grateful for, and committed to, our partners in the Christian bookshop trade (exciting things coming soon!), it is good for the Gospel and good for the public understanding of Christian ideas when an IVP book breaks out into the mainstream. For a book as counter-cultural, thoughtful and positive as A Better Story to do so, is very exciting.

Steve Mitchell, IVP Publishing Director, said;

I’m delighted to see this great book articulating the old story for a new generation, breaking into the general marking, and pointing readers towards the one in whom we can all flourish

IVP has been running a social media campaign around A Better Story, focusing on the ideas of the book and putting the author at the centre of the campaign. One of Glynn’s cries is for a new generation of apologists:

Better Story

Thus far, we’ve been encouraged by the reviews coming in for A Better Story, three of which have been from leaders in that younger generation. Robin Ham, a church planter with the Church of England wrote in his review of a book that is:

a compelling and constructive account

Peter Grier, who works with IFES in Ireland, wrote on his blog:

It’s too early to say whether this will be one of my 2017 top ten, but I just have an inkling it might!

Thomas Creedy, who works for IVP/SPCK, but explores things theologically in his own time, wrote:

probably the best book I’ve read yet about how and why the church can and should talk about sex

IVP looks forward to seeing more reviews, and more engagement with Glynn’s book from people of all ages!

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