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The unique book club exclusively for church leaders
*No obligation to buy
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*All books at discounted prices

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What does Leadership offer?

Ministry support:
We offer books tailored to help your ministry – both for yourself and to recommend to church members and workers.
Discounted prices:
All books featured in your quarterly brochure are discounted for club members by at least 20%.
Order via your chosen method: local participating bookshop, direct mail, telephone, internet.
IVP publish books on a wide range of subjects and categories – leadership, social issues, reference books, small group resources, commentaries, Christian living and lots more…
No obligation:
After your introductory order – there is no obligation to buy further books.

Who is Leadership for?

Leadership bookclub is open to the person who has the main preaching/teaching responsibility for the church (e.g. minister, pastor, etc…) and any one key assistant (e.g. elder, curate, deputy, etc…).
Membership is restricted to two people from any one church who fulfil the roles/descriptions above.

How do I join Leadership?

-Simply fill in your details below and we will send you an application form from which you can order your half price books and claim your free book.
-Send it back to IVP with your payment, and we’ll send your books to you post free.
-From then on you’ll receive a quarterly brochure with new selections of books and a monthly e-newsletter with news of new books and resources.