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Jesus Christ Witness Of History

Sir Norman Anderson

ISBN: 9780851113241
176 pages, Paperback
Published: 11/02/1985
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When Jesus walked he dusty road of Palestine 2,000 years ago he was a figure of controversy. Opinions about him were sharply divided. Some were murderous. Some people worshipped him as God.

Today he continues to arouse dispute. While there is little doubt expressed about his existence and his execution on a criminal's cross, the meaning of his life and death is fiercely debated. The historicity of his resurrection from the dead is vehemently challenged.

With great care and honesty, a prominent lawyer calmly and courteously sifts the evidence for the historical basis of Christian belief - the person, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. He gives due weight to opposing views. His examination centres around four vital questions:

The historical basis: is it convincing?
The Central figure: how are we to regard him?
The Roman gibbet: was it inevitable?
The empty tomb: what really happened?

The previous edition of this book, which is now substantially revised, was a standard work on the subject. Its reappearance is timely.