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Words of Life

Scripture as the living and active word of God

Timothy Ward

ISBN: 9781844742073
192 pages, Paperback
Published: 22/02/2009

Throughout Christian history, the overwhelmingly predominant view of the Bible has been that it is itself the living and active word of God.

Timothy Ward explains and defends what we are really saying when we trust and proclaim, as we must, that the Bible is God's word. In particular, he describes the nature of the relationship between the living God and Scripture. He examines why, in order to worship God faithfully, we need to pay close attention to the Bible; why, in order to be faithful disciples of Jesus - the Word-made-flesh - we need to base our lives on the words of the Bible; and why, in order to keep in step with the Holy Spirit, we need to trust and obey what the Bible says.

Ward offers an understanding of the nature of Scripture under three main headings. A biblical outline shows that the words of the Bible form a significant part of God's action in the world. A theological outline focuses on the relationship of Scripture with each of the persons of the Trinity. A doctrinal outline examines the 'attributes' of Scripture. A final chapter explores some significant areas in which the doctrine of Scripture should be applied.

Grounded in the relevant scholarship, this excellent, lucid exposition of the nature and function of Scripture stands firmly in line with the best of the theological traditions and is expressed in a form appropriate for the twenty-first century.


"This is an important book, which demonstrates the indispensable union of the Word of God and the Spirit of God, to accomplish the work of God. It will deepen confidence in the Bible's authority and competence in handling its contents, through its wide-ranging historical survey and up-to-date contemporary applications. A book to renew confidence that the Bible is the cutting-edge of Christian resurgence and growth." David Jackman, President, The Proclamation Trust

"Here is a landmark book on the identity, nature, and role of the Bible in God's economy of salvation and revelation. It combines a biblical theology of the Bible, the relationship between God the Trinity and the Bible, key doctrinal beliefs about the Bible, and a practical theology of the Bible as read and preached. It shows how our faithful worship of God must include paying close attention to the Bible. A splendid addition to IVP publications. I thank God for it." Peter Adam, Principal, Ridley Melbourne

"Timothy Ward's exposition of the nature and place of the Bible is well-informed and thoroughly thought through. It is a product of alert contemporary awareness, deep-level theological discernment, and mature personal judgment. Rarely has a book on this subject stirred me to such emphatic agreement and admiration." J. I. Packer