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I'd Like to Believe, But

Michael Green & Nick Spencer

ISBN: 9781844743902
144 pages, Paperback
Published: 17/07/2009

'Religious people are too intolerant.'
'You can't trust what is in the Bible.'
'Science has disproved Christianity.'
'There's too much suffering in the world.'
'Something 2,000 years ago can't be relevant to me today.'

Michael Green has responded to each of these statements in a direct and informal way, giving his Christian perspective on the opinions expressed. His easy style engages readers and shows how the Bible and Christian beliefs can provide a real faith for life. This book may even help you believe in spite of your buts ...


'Based on real questions from real people in the real world. I would recommend this book to anyone investigating what Christianity is all about, and, as ever from Michael Green, it’s brilliant stuff!'

Andy Hawthorne, Director of The Message Trust

'Michael Green pulls no punches as he answers the voices of modern unbelief with love, humour and the power of Scripture-based scholarship. Authentic on both sides, the contrast makes compelling reading.'

Jonathan Aitken, author, broadcaster and former Cabinet Minister