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I'm a Christian, aren't I?

Growing in confidence with God

Dan Clark

ISBN: 9781844744190
144 pages, Paperback
Published: 15/01/2010

Popular ideas about what being a Christian means don’t always help us see the full picture:
  • 'A Christian is someone who believes in God'
  • 'I've been christened - so I'm a Christian'
  • 'I attend church'
  • 'I try to lead a good life'
  • 'A Christian is someone who's been "born again"'
Many people think of themselves as Christians but aren’t quite clear what that means. Some feel confused, or disappointed with God. Others have never fully embraced a relationship with Jesus.

In this simple but profound book, Dan Clark helps the reader put together all the pieces of what being a follower of God really means. Challenging us to explore what Jesus' priorities are, readers will discover a richness in their Christian life which may have been lacking: joy, peace, assurance, deep relationships, contentment and friendship with God.


'For anyone who needs confidence about their relationship with God, this book is ideal.' - Dominic Smart

'Warm, easy to understand and accompanied by personal testimonies which wonderfully illuminate what it really means to grasp the gospel.' - Rico Tice