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Serving God's Words

Windows on preaching and ministry

Paul A. Barker, Richard J. Condie, Andrew S. Malone (Eds)

ISBN: 9781844745470
232 pages, Paperback
Published: 21/10/2011





1. Words of life or tablets of stone? Preaching the Ten Commandments today

Richard J. Condie

2. Moses the preacher: Deuteronomy 1 – 4

Paul A. Barker

3. Prophetic preaching in the book of Acts

David G. Peterson

4. Paul’s pastoral method: reflections on 1 Corinthians

David Jackman

5. Paul’s ministry of the word according to 1 Thessalonians

Allan Chapple

6. Preaching and the church that is fi t for purpose: lessons from 1 Timothy

William Taylor

7. The minister’s ‘devotional’ reading of the Bible

D. A. Carson

8. Preaching God’s words and walking in God’s ways: Scripture, preaching and the ethical life

Graham A. Cole

9. Revelation and the judgments of God

Peter Jensen

10. The ‘holy hush’: biblical and theological reflections on preaching with unction

Michael Raiter

11. The Homilies and their use today

Gerald Bray

12. A ministry of word and prayer: what can we learn from Charles Simeon today?

Vaughan Roberts

Peter Adam: a life serving God’s words

Richard J. Condie

Major publications by Peter Adam

Compiled by Ruth Millard

From the Preface:

It is a joy and privilege to honour Peter (Adam) on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday on 20 September 2011 with this Festschrift on the topic of preaching and ministry. For many years, Peter has not only been a faithful expositor but an able and thought-provoking trainer, a warm encourager by word and example, and a stimulating writer. …

The chapters in this volume reflect Peter’s priorities and interests in the ministry of serving God’s words: exposition of the Bible, systematic and historical theology, church history, and the practice of pastoral ministry. There are chapters on preaching and ministry arising from the Scriptures themselves: Richard Condie on the Ten Commandments, Paul Barker on Moses, David Peterson on Acts, David Jackman on 1 Corinthians, Allan Chapple on 1 Thessalonians, and William Taylor on 1 Timothy. Further chapters reflect on theological and devotional issues in preaching and ministry: Don Carson on devotional Bible reading, Graham Cole on ethics, Peter Jensen on judgment, and Mike Raiter on unction. Concluding chapters consider significant examples of preaching and ministry in church history: Gerald Bray on the Anglican Homilies, and Vaughan Roberts on Charles Simeon.

The authors are a combination of academics and pastoral ministers, a combination that Peter Adam has himself so ably embodied throughout his ministry. Indeed, such a union is not as common as it ought to be, and Peter’s example of fusing wise pastoral ministry with rigorous scholarship is a significant one. …