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Living in the light of the Trinity

Sam Allberry

ISBN: 9781844745883
176 pages, Paperback
Published: 15/06/2012

God is Trinity. This is foundational and life-changing. Yet, bizarrely, for many believers, this is one of the least-examined aspects of the Christian life.

Sam Allberry takes us right to the heart of who God is, something which has radical implications for who we are as beings made in his image.

Connected unpacks the practical implications of the truth that God is Father, Son and Spirit. This transforms how we think of God and provides a vital perspective on key topics like:

- identity
- gender
- church life
- discipleship
- prayer

Could any issue be more important than this?

The Trinity should never be shrouded in mystery - or jargon. Follow in Sam's footsteps and you will soon find yourself, like him, praising this awesome God who is Trinity.


'This is heart-warming, awe-inspiring teaching which will fill the mind and feed the soul. Deep truths are expounded with a light touch and down to earth applications. Here is a book that will not only help readers to understand more deeply the mystery of God the Holy Trinity but also moves us to worship and honour him in daily life.'
- Vaughan Roberts, Rector of St Ebbe's, Oxford and Director of the Proclamation Trust

'Sam Allberry has returned with another characteristically fresh and readable introduction. With wry humour and solid biblical moorings, we are drawn back to marvel at the wonders of God, Father Son and Holy Spirit. He writes simply without being too simplistic and thus has produced a great book to put into the hands of young believers hungry to grow in their understanding and faith.'
- Mark Meynell, Senior Associate Minister, All Souls, Langham Place, London

'With his characteristic self-deprecating humour and pastoral warmth, Sam Allberry takes us right to the heart of the God who is Trinity. In these pages he has managed to combine simplicity of style with profundity of thought. It makes for compelling reading.'
- Michael Jensen, Lecturer in Theology and Church History at Moore College, Sydney, Australia

'Sam Allberry rightly points out how neglected the doctrine of the Trinity is, showing its importance clearly and warmly. I hope many will read this and be affected.'
- Michael Reeves, Head of Theology, UCCF