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Inter-Varsity Press publishes Christian books that are true to the Bible and that communicate the gospel, develop discipleship and strengthen the church for its mission in the world.

IVP has been publishing Christian books for over 75 years, and today supports the publishing or distribution of well over one million books each year to over 150 countries, including the translation of titles into over 90 different languages. Throughout this time, IVP has won numerous awards including Book of the Year and Publisher of the Year, an award that IVP has won a total of five times. IVP continues to meet the national Investors in People standard and was recently re-assessed and upgraded to the prestigious Bronze standard.

For many years IVP operated as the publishing division of UCCF (Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship), a student movement connecting Christian Unions and universities and colleges throughout Great Britain, and a member movement of IFES (the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students). Following a UCCF-wide strategic review in 2005, IVP was afforded organisational independence to enable IVP to increase its focus on developing its publishing ministry, whilst continuing to partner with UCCF in support of its student ministry. IVP continues to be ‘collaborative by nature’ in order to maintain its historic independence, identity and autonomy and so guarantee the retention of its distinctive evangelical focus. This strategy has given rise to a growing range of UK, transatlantic and global partnerships covering publishing, sales, distribution, production and technology.

IVP continues to play a vital role in resourcing and equipping the global church for its mission so that it can address the opportunities and challenges it faces more effectively and make a greater impact in today's world and in the lives of individuals. As well as actively supporting the translation of books into numerous 'mission languages', IVP seeks to place much-needed resources into the hands of new generations of church and mission leaders across the poorest parts of the global church through our Growing Timothys scheme.

IVP is based in Nottingham in the United Kingdom. See our contact details here. For current vacancies see our jobs page.

Who works at IVP?

Steve Apted - Interim General Manager

Elizabeth Neep - Executive Assistant

Customer Services

George Russell - Operations Manager

Janet Hunter - Customer Services and Distribution Manager

David Bagley - Customer Services Assistant
Bethan Calder - Customer Services Assistant
Aaron Lambley - Customer Services Assistant (Export)
Jonny Nelson - Customer Services Assistant
Louise Peck - Customer Services Assistant (Casual)
Carol Pentelow - Customer Services Assistant


Phil Duce - Senior Commissioning Editor (Theological Books)
Sam Parkinson - Commissioning Editor
Felicity Scullion - Editorial Assistant
Kath Stanton - Copy Editor
Eleanor Trotter - Senior Commissioning Editor

Stephen Tyers - Rights Co-ordinator


Tim Banting - Sales Development Manager

Samantha Cheddie - Area Development Manager
Julian Gittings - Area Development Manager

Janet Wileman - International Sales Co-ordinator & Personnel Co-ordinator

Marketing, Design and IT

Daryl Wearring - Marketing and Design Manager

Christine Bradley - Marketing and Design Administrator
Jessica Brook - Marketing Co-ordinator
David Cornish - IT and Digital Development Manager
Lucy Cranston - Digital Publishing Assistant
Peter Cranston - Web & Systems Developer
Penny Glover - - Marketing and Design Administrator
Ralph Ireland - Volunteer - Special Projects
Kev Jones - Graphic Designer
Chris Ward - Volunteer - Special Projects

Finance and Operations

Chris Blainey - Finance Manager

George Russell - Operations Manager

Sarah Bailey - Stock Control/Finance Assistant
Rebekah Nelson - Credit Controller/Finance Assistant

Warehouse and Despatch

George Russell - Operations Manager

Janet Hunter - Customer Services and Distribution Manager

Peter Day - Warehouse Supervisor

Lee Bellhouse - Warehouse Operative
Duncan Bridgeman - Warehouse Operative
Michelle Brown - Warehouse Operative
Everett Liburd - Warehouse Operative
Kirk Raynor - Warehouse Operative
Dan Stanton - Warehouse Operative
Arthur Voce - Warehouse Operative


John Mansfield - Production manager