Inspection Copies

If you are interested in adopting one of our books for a course that you are teaching at an academic institution, then you are eligible to receive an inspection copy.

How do I request an inspection copy?

To request an inspection copy, simply fill out this form. Alternatively, you can email giving details of the book that you would like to receive for inspection, indicating the course title and the specific unit/module to which the book request relates.

Please note that if you are in the USA, then you should request an inspection copy from IVP USA here.

Is my inspection copy free of charge?

Our inspection copies cost nothing to request, and are free of charge for the first 40 days.

Should you wish to adopt it for your course, your inspection copy is free to keep on the condition that the book is either added to your unit/module reading list, or your institution purchases five or more copies. Discounts are available for bulk purchases.

If the book does not meet your course requirements, you can either return it in a good saleable condition, or you can buy it at 50% of the full price. All books being returned should be sent to:

Inspection Copies
36 Causton Street

Ebook inspection copies

E-inspection copies are also available. Access will be granted for 40 days. If you would rather receive an e-inspection copy, then please specify this at the point of request.


We are keen to help tutors and academic institutions as much as we can. In order that we can meet your needs as best we can, we will send to you a feedback questionnaire once the 40 day inspection period is concluded. We would be very grateful if you could complete the questionnaire.

In return for your help, we will send you a discount code for the IVP online shop upon completion of the form.

If you would prefer to email your feedback to us, then you can email us at and answer the following questions:

  1. Which book did you request and what course and unit/module was it for?
  2. Will you be adding the book to the unit/module reading list?
  3. What did you like or dislike about the book?

If you like the book, we should be grateful if you would also recommend it to your librarian.

Terms and Conditions

  • To qualify for an inspection copy, you must have at least 12 students participating in the unit/module and it must be delivered as part of a regular programme at an academic institution
  • Inspection copies are free of charge for the first 40 days, and you will not be charged postage to receive one.
  • After 40 days, you can either purchase the book at a 50% off the RRP, or return the book in a saleable condition. NB Requests from outside the UK have a 60 day buy or return limit.
  • Ebook inspection copies will be provided on a 40 day basis at the discretion of the publisher.
  • If you are adding the book to the core reading list for the unit/module, or if your institution makes a purchase of five or more copies, then you can keep the inspection copy free of charge.
  • A maximum of three inspection copies can be requested per tutor in any given term or semester.
  • Where possible, paperback editions will be supplied.
  • IVP reserve the right to refuse an inspection copy request.
  • SPCK books can also be requested using the IVP inspection copy request form.