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Uncover John Studies-Chinese

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ISBN: 9780993431197
Publisher: UCCF
Publication date: 31 January 2016


Additional information: Paperback

Uncover John Seeker Bible Studies – Chinese translation


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Uncover John Seeker Bible Studies take you through six key episodes in John’s biography of Jesus, looking at the vital encounters they present. They help you piece together what John says about Jesus’ life and purpose and along the way address a range of questions our friends commonly have about life and Christianity. The Uncover John Seeker Bible Studies are ideal for reading with your friends in a one-to-one or small group setting.

揭秘 mirrors the English version so the two can be used side-by-side, but the resource has been fine-tuned to ensure that the context and meaning of words would make the most sense for a Chinese speaker. Go to http://www.uccf.org.uk/uncover/chinese.htm for supporting materials.