Rights and permissions

1. How do I apply for rights to publish an SPCK title outside of the UK?

Please contact Stephen Tyers on +44 (0)20 7592 3900 or at STyers@spck.org.uk or write to:

Rights and Permissions
SPCK Publishing
36 Causton Street
London SW1P 4ST

Alternatively, you can now complete rights deals with SPCK online, thanks to our partnership with IPR License.

2. Do I need permission for a quote in my church newsletter or for use by a not-for-profit organization?

IVP grants churches and other not-for-profit organizations permission to use material from publications copyrighted by IVP Publishing in church bulletins, newsletters and other short-term non-book publications free of charge, within the following limits: the paragraphs quoted must not amount to a complete chapter of the book or account for 20% of the total work in which they are quoted. It is the responsibility of the author to check that the copyright of the book belongs to IVP. We cannot grant permission for non-IVP publications.

Notice of copyright should appear in the work as follows: ‘[Title] by [author], copyright [date] by Inter-Varsity Press’.

If you have any questions you can contact Stephen Tyers as above.

3. Is this book still in copyright?

Copyright lasts for 70 years after the death of the author, so you might have to carry out some research to answer this question! Please note that IVP is unable to search for this information on your behalf.

4. Will I be charged for a permissions request?

IVP does not charge churches or educational establishments for the use of extracts (within certain limits) in services or classrooms. All other permissions requests might be subject to a fee which is at the discretion of the publisher. The fees will be in line with Publishers’ Association guidelines. Charging fees allows the authors to benefit from the use of their material.

We will endeavour to process your request within 4 weeks. Please also note that any information not submitted may result in a further delay in our response time. If you have found the material you want to quote in an anthology, you will have to ask the original publisher for permission to reproduce it.

Requests to use material from IVP books, should include the following information:

  • title and author of the IVP book from which you wish to use material
  • title and author and publisher of your book
  • territory of distribution for your book (UK, EU, world, etc.)
  • print run (total number of copies to be printed)
  • publication date of your book
  • price of your book
  • your complete postal address, email address, telephone and fax numbers

Note: Permission fees are subject to VAT for UK customers

Requests may be made at www.copyright.com. You can also email info@copyright.com or call1-855-239-3415 or 1-978-750-8400.

5. What is fair dealing?

All published and unpublished works in the UK are protected by copyright until 70 years after the death of the authors.

The practice called fair dealing allows free use of copyright material employed to illustrate an idea or comment or give weight to an argument, in research or private study, without the need for permission, under the following conditions:

Prose: A single extract under 400 words or several extracts from the same publication, each under 300 words and totalling under 800 words. Note below.

Poetry and songs: Fair dealing does not apply. Permission must be sought from the publisher for all extracts, and this will usually be granted on payment of a fee.

It is not necessary to request permission from IVP unless these usages are exceeded. However, please note that if an extract is included in a commercially published project or as a piece that stands alone without comment on its content or direct relevance to surrounding material (e.g. as an extract in an anthology of prayers, meditations or poetry), permission must be sought to include the extract no matter what its length and a fee may apply.