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Series Search: New Studies in Biblical Theology

Bound for the Promised Land

A new study of a key theme in the Old and New Testaments

Covenant and Commandment

A new study of a key theme in Christian theology and living

With the Clouds of Heaven

A new study of the Old Testament book of Daniel in the context of salvation history. Part of a Series: New Studies in Biblical Theology

A Mouth full of fire (NSBT)

Andrew Shead examines Jeremiah's commissioning, embodiment of the word of God, covenant preaching and 'oracles of hope'. He shows how differentiation between 'word' and 'words' enables 'the word of God' to function as an organizing centre for book's theology.

The God Who Makes Himself Known

A valuable new study of the Old Testament book of Exodus.

The Acts of the Risen Lord Jesus

Alan Thompson offers a framework for interpreting Acts so that Luke's major themes may be identified and related to the book as a whole. He especially highlights Acts as an account of the 'continuing story' of God's saving purposes.

A Gracious and Compassionate God

A stimulating new study of the Old Testament book of Jonah. The book of Jonah is full of surprises and raises fascinating questions. Daniel Timmer's biblical-theological study examines the book's historical backgrounds (in both Israel and Assyria), discusses the biblical text in detail, and pays spe... (more)

God the Peacemaker

Scripture places the story of Jesus in the framework of God's grand plan to restore the created order. Graham Cole examines who God is and humanity's plight, and explores the outworking of the 'peace dividend' of the cross of Christ.

Father, Son and Spirit

A fresh examination of John's trinitarian vision.

Sealed with an Oath

'Covenant' is a significant biblical theme. Paul Williamson offers fresh readings of Old and New Testament texts that contribute to this theme, highlights its significance for biblical theology, and explores its role within God's unfolding purpose of universal blessing.