Series Search: The Bible Speaks Today Themes

The Message of Worship

In this excellent exposition, the main sections explore the connection between worship and the purpose of the Father, the supremacy of the Son and life of the Holy Spirit.

The Message of the Person of Christ

New exposition of the Lord and Saviour central to the Bible's narrative of God's plan.

The Message of the Church

New exposition of the Bible’s perspectives and teaching on a key theme

The Message of Women

This wide-ranging exposition begins with foundations about women in creation and in the new creation, and then examines women under the old covenant, with Jesus and in the kingdom of God, and in the new community of the early church.

The Message of the Word of God

New exposition of the word of God spoken, written, incarnate, and active today.

The Message of Sonship

'Sonship' is an important biblical theme. Trevor Burke shows how God is making for himself a family of sons and daughters who will serve and reign with him; and this is achieved through Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God.

The Message of Holiness

Derek Tidball expounds a selection of key biblical passages on holiness, letting them speak for themselves, rather than adopting a systematic perspective, with the objective of seeing the lives of God's people increasingly transformed, in conformity with his holy character.

The Message of the Holy Spirit

The focus of Keith Warrington's exposition is not a comprehensive, systematic theology, but rather a practical, biblically based exploration of the person and activity of the Holy Spirit, who seeks encounter with us as our guide and partner.

The Message of Evil and Suffering

An excellent exposition and application of biblical perspectives on two challenging themes.

The Message of the Trinity

An excellent biblical exposition and application of a central Christian theme.

The Message of Prayer

A wide-ranging and insightful exposition of a central theme in Christian living.

The Message of Mission

A challenging and wide-ranging missiological exploration from an East-West partnership.