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Submission of Proposals

Inter-Varsity Press publishes Christian books that are true to the Bible and that communicate the gospel, develop discipleship and strengthen the church for its mission in the world.

Inter-Varsity Press is closely linked with the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship, a student movement connecting Christian Unions in universities and colleges throughout Great Britain, and a member movement of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

We invite unsolicited submissions which fit IVP UK's publishing list and are consistent with our basis of faith. However, please note that IVP does not publish the following: PhDs, fiction, poetry, children's books, or books under 10,000 words (booklets). Please send your proposals to or Book Proposals, IVP UK, Norton Street, Nottingham, NG7 3HR. Please note that, due to the increasing volume of submissions we are receiving, only a small proportion of which we can publish, we are now unable to acknowledge unsuccessful proposals. If you do not hear from IVP within six weeks, please assume that we will not be commissioning a manuscript.

It is not necessary to have written the whole book before you approach us. It is better just to draft an overall plan.

If you are ready to submit a proposal, we recommend you structure it along the following lines, so that we can evaluate your project:

1. Overview
A summary (200–300 words) of the book’s aims and scope.

2. Contents
A contents list with a short paragraph describing each chapter.

3. Sample
One or two sample chapters maximum. (Due to time constraints, we cannot read complete manuscripts.)

4. Readership
A realistic assessment of the intended readership. Please try to be specific and stress the major markets.
Consider the following:

  • What level is it pitched at?
  • Is its appeal international or confined to a particular geographic market?

5. Competing titles
A description of the book in relation to competing titles.
This should include:

  • The author, title, publisher, publication date, price and number of pages of the main competing titles
  • Any key selling-points that will distinguish your book from the competition

6. Other relevant information

  • Your timetable: what stage are you at now, and when do you hope to complete the manuscript?
  • How long is the final manuscript likely to be (i.e. number of words including notes, footnotes, bibliography etc)?
  • Will there be any illustrations or photographs? If so, how many?

7. About the author(s)/editor(s)
Please provide some brief information about yourself and your co-authors, where appropriate, including any details of previous publications, significant speaking events and social media activity.