IVP Submissions

IVP’s mission is to publish Christian books that are true to the Bible and that communicate the gospel, develop discipleship and strengthen the church for its mission throughout the world. This means our books are biblically based and reflect our desire to communicate Gospel truth in a mature and relevant manner.

Although most of the books we publish are commissioned by our editors, IVP is always on the look-out for talented new authors and the Editorial Team meets regularly to consider submissions.

We are looking for writers who can offer a proposal with the following criteria:-

  • Is consistent with an evangelical view of Scripture and adheres to our Statement of Faith.
  • Shows originality both in subject and approach.
  • Communicates well through the written word.
  • Is culturally relevant – It is our passion to engage today’s reader with the Word of God.
  • Shows a clear understanding of whom the author is writing for, how they want their reader to benefit from their book.
  • That has a willingness to build engagement with their readers.

Over the years IVP have been shortlisted for book awards and have, on occasion won ‘Christian book of the year’.


If you would like IVP to consider publishing your work, please prepare a proposal that covers the following:-


  1. Proposal Statement:  In less than 100 words please give a snapshot of your book. Imagine you are standing in front of your church and have to convince them to read your book. What would you say?
  2. Need: Why is a new book needed on this subject? How is your book designed to meet that need? What new contribution does the book make?
  3. Impact: What response do you want your readers to make having finished the book?
  4. The book’s intended readership: Please identify the primary and secondary audiences. Be specific and realistic, rather than saying that all Christians will be interested. The more general the aim, the more a book can miss its target.
  5. Chapter by chapter summary:  Content pages and outlines only give the topics to be covered, rather than what you wish to say. Please give a comprehensive chapter by chapter breakdown of your book.
  6. One or two sample chapters.
  7. Short biography: Include your qualifications for writing the book. Please explain how you are already engaged with potential readers or the community in which your readers are found.
  8. Review of similar titles: Please give an analysis of what makes your title different from similar books already in the market
  9. Schedule and length of book:  Please give us your writing schedule and estimated word count.


We publish books that are true to the Bible and enrich the Christian church. But ultimately, like it or not, your book is also a product of the economy. That means it will suffer the scrutiny of picky reviewers and will need to tick the boxes of demanding readers and retailers. So don’t be afraid to road-test your ideas and sample chapters with potential target readers before you send them. After all, there’s no law against self-editing, and your publisher will love you for your clear, uncluttered style and sparkling prose.

Please note that it is unlikely that we will publish a completed manuscript.  We love to partner with writers who have a strong proposal or idea, and to work closely with them to develop the highest quality book possible. We have experienced editors, designers and marketers who work with our authors to deliver a book that will make the strongest Gospel impact.


Please take some time to review our website to note the types of books that we publish.  At present we do not publish children’s books, poetry, fiction or PhD theses.


Please ensure that all material is at least 1.5 spaced and easily readable.

You can send the material by email

Or by post to:

Editorial Department (Submissions)
IVP Books
36 Causton Street
London SW1P 4ST

If you send material by post and would like us to return it to you, please include a self-addressed envelope with the postage paid.

Before submitting your proposal, it might help to browse our previous titles to ensure we are the most suitable publisher for your work.

IVP receives a considerable number of book submissions each week and, while we reply to everyone as quickly as possible, it could be several weeks before you hear from us. Please also be aware that because, like many publishers, we receive a large number of manuscripts, we are unable to give detailed reasons or enter into correspondence about why we turn down a proposal.