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The Song of Songs (IVP)

Iain M. Duguid

An Introduction and Commentary Published :16/01/2015

Summary : Next volume in the new TOTC replacement programme

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Really? (IVP)

Elizabeth McQuoid

Searching for Reality in a Confusing World Published :18/07/2014

Summary : 7 studies to help you build your life on Christ and the hope and security he offers.

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As Long as the Earth Endures (Apollos)

Edited by Jonathan Moo and Robin Routledge

The Bible, creation and the environment Published :21/02/2014

Summary : Stimulating exploration of a key theme of contemporary significance.

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Honey from the Rock (Apollos)

James Robson

Deuteronomy for the People of God Published :19/04/2013

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The Scriptures Testify About Me (IVP)

D A Carson

Jesus and the Gospel in the Old Testament Published :19/04/2013

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The Message of Malachi (IVP)

Peter Adam

Published :15/03/2013

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Interpreting Deuteronomy (Apollos)

edited by David G Firth & Philip S Johnston

Published :16/11/2012

Summary : The book of Deuteronomy has been immensely influential, and represents a distinctive theological voice within the Pentateuch. This presentation of evangelical scholarship assumes some foundational knowledge and offers perspectives on current approaches, issues and debates.

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The Life and Witness of Peter (Apollos)

Larry Helyer

Published :16/11/2012

Summary : Helyer examines the apostle Peter's background and his role in the Gospels, Acts and Paul's letters. The centrepiece focuses on 1 and 2 Peter and their theology. Concluding chapters look at Peter in early church tradition and his enduring legacy.

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God is Impassible and Impassioned (Apollos)

Rob Lister

Published :16/11/2012

Summary : Rob Lister outlines the history of divine impassibility through the patristic, medieval and Reformation periods, examines modernity's rejection of the doctrine and evangelical responses, and, in a creative synthesis, argues that God's nature is fundamentally impassible and yet profoundly impassioned.

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Donation to UCCF (UCCF)

Published :01/09/2012

Summary : This £1 donation will go towards helping UCCF to fund the printing of another 10 gospels in their 2012 Gospel project.