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Postcards from the Edge (IVP)

Ian Coffey

Finding God in Hard Places Published :17/07/2015

Summary : Learn from eight Bible characters how God can meet you in the hardest moments of your life

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The Life You Never Expected (IVP)

Andrew and Rachel Wilson

Thriving while parenting special needs children Published :17/07/2015

Summary : Honest, poignant and often funny, a treasure for all parents (and churches) whose children have special needs, but speaks also to anyone who has been thrown a curve ball in life.

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Beloved (IVP)

Rachel Gardner

Be Full. Be Free. Be Fierce Published :17/07/2015

Summary : Challenging and inspiring young women today to live boldly and bravely, refusing to believe that their value and identity are defined by such things as beauty and social media status.

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The Whole of Life for Christ (IVP)

Antony Billington & Mark Greene

Enriching Everyday Discipleship Published :17/07/2015

Summary : Seven studies to help you discover how God wants to involve you in what he's doing in the places you go day by day.

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Discipleship Matters (IVP)

Peter Maiden

Dying to Live for Christ Published :19/06/2015

Summary : An honest look at the Bible's teaching on discipleship, and how we find deep joy as we consider Jesus, lose our lives for his sake and live counter-culturally.

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Evangelical Truth (IVP)

John Stott

A Personal Plea for Unity and Faithfulness Published :15/05/2015

Summary : Evangelicalism is now so divided that some would question whether the word is even worth using. Is there real common ground which can hold us together? This heartfelt appeal from John Stott shows that there is.

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The Pastor's Wife (IVP)

Gloria Furman

Strengthened by Grace for a Life of Love Published :17/04/2015

Summary : Like most pastors' wives, Gloria Furman has found herself shouldering the burden of unrealistic expectations. But, she argues, our identity as a woman, a wife or a pastor's wife must come second to our primary reference point: that of being found in Christ.

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Staying Fresh (IVP)

Paul Mallard

Serving with Joy Published :20/02/2015

Summary : Keeping the main thing the main thing. An encouragement to persevere with joy and integrity as we serve Christ.

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Why We Pray (IVP)

William Phillip

Published :20/02/2015

Summary : What prayer is, why it exists, and its vital role in our life of faith

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The Plausibility Problem (IVP)

Ed Shaw

The Church and Same-Sex Attraction Published :20/02/2015

Summary : Is the Bible's clear teaching on homosexuality fair? Ed Shaw shows that in commitment to Christ we will discover that ultimately it is fulfilling, healthy and authentic.