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Mirror, mirror (IVP)

Graham Beynon

Discover your true identity in Christ Published :19/09/2008

Summary : Our identity and self-image matter more than we care to admit. And so often they are shaped by our peers, our culture and our upbringing. Graham Beynon examines the Bible's teaching on the subject and, with a pastor's heart, invites us to realign our thinking.

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Working it out (IVP)

Ian Coffey

God, you and the work you do Published :19/09/2008

Summary : What we hear in church on Sunday morning sometimes seems worlds away from the challenges we face on Monday morning. Ian Coffey helps us make creative - and vital - connections between God and our work.

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Francis Schaeffer: An Authentic Life (IVP)

Colin Duriez

Published :18/07/2008

Summary : Francis Schaeffer reached both the intellectual and the labourer, the scientist and the artist, the doubter and the faithless. This biography draws on over 150,000 words of specially collected oral history to reveal who he was and how he became one of the foremost shapers of modern evangelical Christianity.

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Battling unbelief (IVP)

John Piper

Published :20/06/2008

Summary : How to free ourselves from sins by faith in future grace.

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Get a life (IVP)

Paul Valler

Winning choices for working people Published :21/03/2008

Summary : Help for tired and busy workers

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Spirituality old and new (Apollos)

Donald G. Bloesch

Recovering authentic spiritual life Published :28/07/2007

Summary : An eminent evangelical theologian reflects on the content of a truly spiritual life.

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Longing for more (IVP)

Ruth Barton

A woman's path to transformation in Christ Published :20/07/2007

Summary : Ruth Haley Barton enables us to think clearly and biblically about our choices as Christian women

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Amazing grace in the life of William Wilberforce (IVP)

John Piper

Published :16/03/2007

Summary : The story of the great slave trade abolitionist, and its implications for Christians today.

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Black voices (IVP)

David Killingray & Joel Edwards

The shaping of our Christian Experience Published :16/03/2007

Summary : A mosaic of black British Christian writing from 1760 to the present day.

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When the darkness will not lift (IVP)

John Piper

Doing what we can while we wait for God - and joy Published :16/03/2007

Summary : Christian comfort and guidance for the depressed, and support for those who help them.