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Psalms (IVP)

Tremper Longman III

An Introduction and Commentary Published :19/09/2014

Summary : Next volume in the new TOTC replacement programme

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Jeremiah (IVP)

Derek Kidner

Kidner Classic Published :16/05/2014

Summary : Revealing Jeremiah's startling relevance to our own troubled time.

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1 & 2 Kings (Apollos)

Lissa M Wray Beal

Published :21/02/2014

Summary : An excellent new commentary on the Old Testament books of Kings.

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The Message of Jeremiah (IVP)

Chris Wright

Grace in the end Published :17/01/2014

Summary : An excellent new exposition of the Old Testament book of Jeremiah

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The Message of the Church (IVP)

Chris Green

Assemble the people before me Published :21/06/2013

Summary : New exposition of the Bible's perspectives and teaching on a key theme

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The Message of Malachi (IVP)

Peter Adam

Published :15/03/2013

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Jeremiah and Lamentations (New Edition) (IVP)

Hetty Lalleman

An Introduction and Commentary Published :18/01/2013

Summary : Jeremiah's life is characterized by suffering, but he points to a new covenant and a new hope. Lamentations powerfully expresses personal and national suffering; yet there are glimpses of hope. Hetty Lalleman opens up these fascinating books for today's readers.

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Paul's Letter to the Romans (Apollos)

Colin G. Kruse

Pillar New Testament Commentary Published :17/08/2012

Summary : Romans is arguably the apostle Paul's most important writing. It addresses issues of crucial importance for believers then and now. Kruse's commentary is marked by clarity, independent judgment, reverence for the text, and wise engagement with the vast secondary literature.

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Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi (IVP)

Andrew E. Hill

An Introduction and Commentary Published :20/07/2012

Summary : Despite the return of the Hebrews from the Babylonian exile, selfishness, apathy and despair crippled their community spirit. In response, God raised up three prophets in Jerusalem. Andrew Hill's commentary shows how their oracles remain timely for the church today.

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Matthew (IVP)

Craig S. Keener

Published :20/01/2012

Summary : In this clear, incisive commentary, readers will find an introduction with background material concerning authorship, date and purpose, as well as a summary of important theological themes. A passage-by-passage exposition follows that focuses on understanding what significance the Gospel of Matthew had for its original readers in order to see its relevance for the church today.