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Mission Matters (IVP)

Tim Chester

Love Says Go Published :17/04/2015

Summary : Tim Chester introduces us to a cascade of love: love flowing from the Father to the Son through the Spirit. And that love overflows and, through us, keeps on flowing to our Christian community and beyond, to a needy world.

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Storytelling (IVP)

Martin Goldsmith

Sharing the Gospel with Passion and Power Published :19/09/2014

Summary : Learning to share the gospel with the winning and persuasive power of stories.

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The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas (IVP)

Paul Copan & Kenneth D Litwak

Paul's Mars Hill Experience for Our Pluralistic World Published :18/07/2014

Summary : Lessons for presenting the message of Jesus in a pluralistic and relativistic world.

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Christianity on Trial (IVP)

Mark Lanier

A Top Lawyer Examines the Evidence Published :20/06/2014

Summary : Is Christianity reasonable? Weigh the arguments with the help of a top lawyer and decide for yourself.

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Ready, Steady, Grow (IVP)

Dr Ray Evans

Equipping Today's Gospel Churches Published :18/04/2014

Summary : Church growth is great, but how do we handle the numbers and complexity that it inevitably brings?

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Balanced Christianity (Expanded Edition) (IVP)

John Stott

Published :17/01/2014

Summary : A classic statement on the value of having a balanced Christianity.

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Why I am a Christian (IVP)

John Stott

A clear; compelling account of the basis of the author's belief Published :15/11/2013

Summary : A clear, compelling account of the basis of the author's belief

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Dictionary of Mission Theology PB (IVP)

John Corrie (Editor)

Evangelical foundations Published :19/04/2013

Summary : Christian mission is changing and developing rapidly. This dictionary provides an evangelical mission theology that engages with new challenges and contexts, while affirming foundational truths and scriptural boundaries. It includes a majority contribution from Majority World theologians.

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Mapping the Origins Debate (IVP)

Gerald Rau

Six Models of the Beginning of Everything Published :15/02/2013

Summary : Rau surveys six models currently used to explain the origins of the universe, life, species and humans. He presents the evidence utilized by each model, investigates the different philosophies of science in operation, and enables critical engagement with the debates.

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God's Big Design (IVP)

Vaughan Roberts

Life as he intends it to be Published :18/01/2013