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Mission Matters (IVP)

Tim Chester

Love Says Go Published :17/04/2015

Summary : Tim Chester introduces us to a cascade of love: love flowing from the Father to the Son through the Spirit. And that love overflows and, through us, keeps on flowing to our Christian community and beyond, to a needy world.

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Who Is Jesus? (Crossway)

Greg Gilbert

Published :20/02/2015

Summary : Designed for non-Christians and new Christians alike, this succinct book examines the extraordinary life and remarkable teachings of the most important figure in history: Jesus Christ.

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Mapping the Origins Debate (IVP)

Gerald Rau

Six Models of the Beginning of Everything Published :15/02/2013

Summary : Rau surveys six models currently used to explain the origins of the universe, life, species and humans. He presents the evidence utilized by each model, investigates the different philosophies of science in operation, and enables critical engagement with the debates.

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Gospel Truth (IVP)

Paul W Barnett

Answering New Atheist attacks on the Gospels Published :19/10/2012

Summary : Paul Barnett responds to attacks on the credibility of the Gospels, showing that their historical truth is of critical importance. Topics covered include dating, hostile witnesses to Jesus, archaeology, contradictions, birth stories, the resurrection of Jesus, and other 'gospel' texts.

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Confident Christianity (IVP)

Chris Sinkinson

Conversations that lead to the cross Published :20/01/2012

Summary : This book will serve as a boost for those wishing to deepen their understanding of how to share their faith. Balances practical advice on using evidence and constructing arguments with a more general account of what Christians have believed down through the centuries. Useful also as an introduction to Christian philosophy, archaeology, history and theology.

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Compelled by Joy (IVP)

Michael Green

A lifelong passion for evangelism Published :17/06/2011

Summary : With freshness, passion and wit, evangelist Michael Green challenges every Christian to share his or her faith boldly, intelligently and confidently. This is something he simply cannot hold back – God's word is 'in heart, a fire shut up in his bones'.

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Snatched From the Fire (IVP)

Keith Mitchell (Mitch)

Life with a purpose Published :18/02/2011

Summary : Real gospel meets real life. As a firefighter, Keith Mitchell is trained to snatch people from flames. As a Christian, he sees sin as a fire to be fought in our lives. This results in real living, life with freedom and a purpose, with a happy eternity thrown in.

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Alive! (IVP)

Dan Clark

What could Jesus' resurrection mean for you? Published :18/09/2009

Summary : If Jesus didn't come back from the dead then the whole Christian faith collapses in a pile of dust. But if he did, he holds the key to life's biggest questions. In this accessible book, Daniel Clark helps readers explore the evidence for themselves.

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I'd Like to Believe, But (IVP)

Michael Green & Nick Spencer

Published :17/07/2009

Summary : What stops people believing in God? It may be anything from hypocrisy among Christians to the seeming irrelevance of it all. A modern bus slogan advises, 'Now just forget it and go and enjoy your life.' But have the objections to believing been truly tested? The authors of this book are among millions who think not.

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Lies, Lies, Lies (IVP)

Michael Green

Exposing myths about the real Jesus Published :17/07/2009

Summary : Distortions, half-baked truths and downright lies about Jesus. Sometimes we just get used to hearing them. But why should we? The Jesus of the Bible deserves to be robustly defended at every level. This book will equip you well.