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The Presence of God (Crossway)

J. Ryan Lister

Its place in the storyline of Scripture and the story of our lives Published :16/01/2015

Summary : This book explores the importance of God's presence in the Bible and how it relates to his plan for the world, helping readers understand what we really mean when we say God is with us.

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Imagination Redeemed (Crossway)

Gene Edward Veith Jr., Matthew P. Ristuccia

Glorifying God with a neglected part of your mind Published :16/01/2015

Summary : Exploring an often-forgotten part of the mind, the authors examine biblical and historical precedents to highlight the importance of the imagination for knowing God, understanding His Word, and living in the world.

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Bound for the Promised Land (Apollos)

Oren R. Martin

The land promise in God's redemptive plan Published :16/01/2015

Summary : A new study of a key theme in the Old and New Testaments

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God Dwells Among Us (IVP)

G. K. Beale & Mitchell Kim

Expanding Eden to the Ends of the Earth Published :16/01/2015

Summary : Stimulating study of a key biblical-theological theme and its relevance to the church's mission today

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The Song of Songs (IVP)

Iain M. Duguid

An Introduction and Commentary Published :16/01/2015

Summary : Next volume in the new TOTC replacement programme

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Roman Catholic Theology and Practice (Crossway)

Gregg R. Allison

Published :30/11/2014

Summary : A theologian and church historian walks readers through the Catechism of the Catholic Church, winsomely evaluating Roman Catholic doctrine and practice from the perspective of both Scripture and evangelical theology.

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Luke (Crossway)

R. Kent Hughes

That You May Know the Truth [2 Volumes in 1 / ESV Edition] Published :21/11/2014

Summary : Redesigned and now featuring updated Scripture quotations drawn from the ESV, this insightful commentary will help pastors understand, apply, and preach the Gospel of Luke. Part of the Preaching the Word commentary series.

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New Testament Theology (IVP)

Donald Guthrie

Published :21/11/2014

Summary : The culmination of a lifetime of study, this comprehensive New Testament theology brings out the rich variety of New Testament thought while demonstrating its inner unity.

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God Has Spoken (Apollos)

Gerald Bray

A History of Christian Theology Published :21/11/2014

Summary : A major new introduction, uniquely organized around a Trinitarian framework

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The Living Church (IVP)

John Stott

The Convictions of a Lifelong Pastor Published :21/11/2014

Summary : The distilled wisdom of a church leader and pastor