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Right To Die? (IVP)

John Wyatt

Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide and End-of-Life Care Published :20/11/2015

Summary : John Wyatt helps us to navigate the arguments for assisted dying with hearts and heads engaged, and above all with our Bibles open.

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Virtually Human (IVP)

Ed Brooks & Pete Nicholas

Flourishing in a Digital World Published :20/11/2015

Summary : Whether you are an early adopter, a sceptic, or just content to go with the flow, this book will help you navigate the digital world in a way that honours Christ and leads to your growth and the growth of those around you.

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The Faithful Creator (Apollos)

Ron Highfield

Affirming creation and providence in an age of anxiety Published :16/10/2015

Summary : In this scholarly and accessible volume, Ron Highfield presents an overview of creation, providence and the problem of evil.

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Martyn Lloyd-Jones (IVP)

Christopher Catherwood

His Life and Relevance for the 21st Century Published :16/10/2015

Summary : Christopher Catherwood examines the remarkable legacy of his Welsh grandfather, tracing his relevance to the twenty-first century.

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Who Shall Ascend the Mountain of the Lord? (Apollos)

L. Michael Morales

A theology of the book of Leviticus Published :16/10/2015

Summary : This stimulating study explores the narrative context, literary structure and theology of Leviticus.

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Awe (IVP)

Paul David Tripp

Why It Matters In All We Think, Say and Do Published :16/10/2015

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True Worshippers (IVP)

Bob Kauflin

Seeking What Matters to God Published :18/09/2015

Summary : In this book, Bob Kauflin opens our eyes to the significance of becoming the type of worshipper God is seeking.

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The Message of Joshua (IVP)

David G Firth

Promise and people Published :18/09/2015

Summary : An excellent new exposition of the Old Testament book of Joshua.

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Beloved (IVP)

Rachel Gardner

Be Full. Be Free. Be Fierce Published :17/07/2015

Summary : Challenging and inspiring young women today to live boldly and bravely, refusing to believe that their value and identity are defined by such things as beauty and social media status.

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Postcards from the Edge (IVP)

Ian Coffey

Finding God in Hard Places Published :17/07/2015

Summary : Learn from eight Bible characters how God can meet you in the hardest moments of your life