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Jesus and the Gospels (2nd Edition) (Apollos)

Craig Blomberg

Vol 1 of the New Testament Introduction and Survey Published :18/07/2014

Summary : Craig Blomberg's award-winning textbook covers historical background, critical methods, introduction to the Gospels, a survey of the life of Christ, and theological and historical synthesis, and includes numerous figures, maps and bibliographies. This updated edition incorporates new scholarship and debates.

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100% Christianity (IVP)

Jago Wynne

How The Gospel Changes Everything Published :18/07/2014

Summary : Live the Christian life with a mind fully fortified by the gospel, a heart wholly warmed by passion for Christ, and a will totally devoted to Jesus in all of your life.

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Preaching Matters (IVP)

Jonathan Lamb

Encountering the Living God Published :18/07/2014

Summary : What preaching is, and why it is so important for all of us.

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With the Clouds of Heaven (Apollos)

James M Hamilton

The book of Daniel in biblical theology Published :18/07/2014

Summary : A new study of the Old Testament book of Daniel in the context of salvation history. Part of a Series: New Studies in Biblical Theology

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Really? (IVP)

Elizabeth McQuoid

Searching for Reality in a Confusing World Published :18/07/2014

Summary : 7 studies to help you build your life on Christ and the hope and security he offers.

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From Pentecost to Patmos (Apollos)

Craig L Blomberg

Vol 2 of the New Testament Introduction and Survey Published :18/07/2014

Summary : From Pentecost to Patmos covers the rest of the New Testament, from the Acts of the Apostles to the book of Revelation.

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The Gospel in the Marketplace of Ideas (IVP)

Paul Copan & Kenneth D Litwak

Paul's Mars Hill Experience for Our Pluralistic World Published :18/07/2014

Summary : Lessons for presenting the message of Jesus in a pluralistic and relativistic world.

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Christianity on Trial (IVP)

Mark Lanier

A Top Lawyer Examines the Evidence Published :20/06/2014

Summary : Is Christianity reasonable? Weigh the arguments with the help of a top lawyer and decide for yourself.

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Stress (IVP)

Simon Vibert

The Path to Peace Published :20/06/2014

Summary : A Christian response to a universal problem.

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The Introduction to the Bible (IVP)

Philip S Johnston (Editor)

Story, themes and interpretation Published :29/05/2014

Summary : A concise introduction to the Bible, as a whole and in its various parts.