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Amazing grace in the life of William Wilberforce

The story of the great slave trade abolitionist, and its implications for Christians today.

When the darkness will not lift

Christian comfort and guidance for the depressed, and support for those who help them.

What Jesus Demands from the World

A concise examination of Jesus' demands as set out in the Gospels.

The Legacy of sovereign joy

An uplifting look at three famous and flawed fathers of the Christian church and how their lives can inspire us to fall in love with God and find the power to overcome our weaknesses.

Contending for our all

Short biographies of three prominent Christians who stood for the truth of God's Word.

God is the Gospel

The gospel is not a means to things other than God, but our way of savouring and enjoying him for ever

Seeing and savouring Jesus Christ

A clear and accessible introduction to Jesus and his work.

Don't Waste Your Life

A passionate call for this generation to make their lives count for eternity.

When I don't desire God

John Piper helps us to find the joy that God wants - and commands - us to have.

Counted righteous in Christ

A lucid and compelling examination of a key aspect of justification by faith.

The roots of endurance

Brief biographies of John Newton, Charles Simeon and William Wilberforce, 18th-19th century evangelicals whose lives demonstrated invincible perseverance in the cause of the gospel.