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Evangelical Truth (IVP)

John Stott

A Personal Plea for Unity and Faithfulness Published :15/05/2015

Summary : Evangelicalism is now so divided that some would question whether the word is even worth using. Is there real common ground which can hold us together? This heartfelt appeal from John Stott shows that there is.

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Imagination Redeemed (Crossway)

Gene Edward Veith Jr., Matthew P. Ristuccia

Glorifying God with a neglected part of your mind Published :16/01/2015

Summary : Exploring an often-forgotten part of the mind, the authors examine biblical and historical precedents to highlight the importance of the imagination for knowing God, understanding His Word, and living in the world.

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Encountering God Together (IVP)

David Peterson

Biblical patterns for ministry and worship Published :18/01/2013

Summary : This accessible exposition is intended to help everyone involved in planning and leading church services think more biblically and creatively about this important ministry. Our aim should be to honour and glorify God in the edification of his church.

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God's Big Design (IVP)

Vaughan Roberts

Life as he intends it to be Published :18/01/2013

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True Feelings (Apollos)

edited by Michael P Jensen

Perspectives on emotions in Christian life and ministry Published :21/09/2012

Summary : This stimulating volume, based on the 2011 Moore College School of Theology, offers perspectives on emotions. Topics include a cultural overview, theological anthropology, the question of divine passions, the emotional life of Jesus, the Spirit’s work in perfecting emotions, preaching the Gospels for divine effects, and the place of the emotions in corporate worship including connections with singing and music.

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Life's Big Questions (IVP)

Vaughan Roberts

Tracing 6 major themes through the Bible Published :16/03/2012

Summary : Distilled biblical wisdom on God's kingdom, human identity, marriage, possessions, the Holy Spirit, and mission.

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Ten at Work (IVP)

John Parmiter

Living the Commandments in Your Job Published :18/11/2011

Summary : Taking each of the Ten Commandments in turn, John Parmiter shows how we can trust in God in our workplaces. Far from presenting a set of rules, his central themes are love and the generous promises of God. With clarity, warmth and practical applications, he demonstrates how we can be more confident as Christians where we work.

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From Fear to Faith (IVP)

D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Rejoicing in the Lord in turbulent times Published :15/04/2011

Summary : Martyn Lloyd-Jones was one of the twentieth century's foremost preachers and Bible teachers. The parallels he draws between the message of the Old Testament prophet Habakkuk and the crisis-ridden West are still powerfully relevant to our own times.

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Too Busy Not to Pray (IVP)

Bill Hybels

Slowing down to be with God Published :18/03/2011

Summary : Bill Hybels' work on prayer has been widely read and appreciated for over twenty years. During this time the urgent need for prayer has not diminished, but busyness still impedes many of us from finding space to pray. These classic treasures are represented for a new generation of prayer warriors.

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Just the two of us? (IVP)

Eleanor Margesson & Sue McGowan

Help and strength in the struggle to conceive Published :16/07/2010

Summary : One in seven couples have difficulty conceiving, and the number is increasing. Every situation is different, and the heartache can be intense. Eleanor Margesson and Sue McGowan have travelled this painful road - with different destinations: 'Our hearts' desire is that above all this book restores your hope in a sovereign God.'