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Donation to UCCF (UCCF)

Published :01/09/2012

Summary : This £1 donation will go towards helping UCCF to fund the printing of another 10 gospels in their 2012 Gospel project.

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Open Your Bible (UCCF)

Martin H. Manser

The all-in-one Bible guide Published :16/03/2012

Summary : An all-in-one guide to the Bible that is both a comprehensive reference book and an exciting companion, Open Your Bible has sold 30,000 copies worldwide and comes with an impressive list of commendations.

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Christian Apologetics (Apollos)

D R Groothuis

A comprehensive case for biblical faith Published :16/09/2011

Summary : This comprehensive apologetic case for the Christian faith covers all the major arguments (e.g. cosmological, design, moral, religious experience); the key claims of Jesus, and his incarnation and resurrection; the reliability of the Bible; and current challenges to Christian belief.

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Old Testament Wisdom Literature (Apollos)

Craig Bartholomew & Ryan P ODowd

A theological introduction Published :15/07/2011

Summary : Bartholomew and O'Dowd provide an excellent, informed introduction to Old Testament wisdom books Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Job, in which poetry abounds. They establish the books in their Ancient Near Eastern context, and discuss their theological and hermeneutical implications.

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Concise Theology (IVP)


A guide to historic Christian beliefs Published :18/03/2011

Summary : With clarity and conviction, J. I. Packer sets out 'the permanent essentials of Christianity', viewed as both a belief system and a way of life. Theology is for both the praise of God (doxology) and the practice of godliness (devotion).

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The Theology of B B Warfield (Apollos)

Fred G Zaspel

A systematic survey Published :15/10/2010

Summary : Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield was one of the greatest Reformed theologians in American history. Fred Zaspel has spent many years studying Warfield’s published and unpublished writings, and presents them here in summary as a concise and coherent systematic theology.

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Old Testament Ethics for the People of God (IVP)

Christopher J H Wright

Published :18/01/2010

Summary : Comprehensive new presentation of a widely appreciated Christian approach to Old Testament ethics.

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Bible Doctrine (IVP)

Wayne Grudem

Published :18/09/2009

Summary : In this abridgement of his best-selling Systematic Theology, Wayne Grudem clearly defines each doctrine under consideration and gives a thorough exposition of its basis in Scripture. Here is theology that is biblical, warm-hearted and pastoral.

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Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament (Apollos)

G. K. Beale and D. A. Carson (editors)

Published :18/01/2008

Summary : Leading evangelical scholars provide a comprehensive commentary on every Old Testament quotation and allusion in the New Testament.

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Dictionary of New Testament Background (IVP)

Craig A. Evans & Stanley E. Porter (eds.)

A compendium of contemporary Biblical scholarship Published :17/11/2000

Summary : The 'Dictionary of New Testament Background' joins the 'Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels', the 'Dictionary of Paul and his Letters' and the 'Dictionary of the Later New Testament and its Developments' as the fourth in a landmark series of reference works on the Bible.